Introducing a new initiative aiming at improving services to IFA members:


The new online database PITDATA provides an online access to detailed statistics on the production, deliveries and exports by country on an annual and quarterly basis for 17 mainstream products, intermediates and raw materials.

This unique service to IFA Members includes the following main features:

  • Dedicated portal, restricted to IFA members with their individual password
  • Online access to all aggregated and detailed statistical reports prepared by the PIT Service.
  • Online request for any historical report since 2002
  • Immediate access of the most current reports
  • New report lay-out, facilitating the reading of the statistical tables
  • Data can be retrieved in various formats: PDF and Excel
  • Data are available in nutrient tonnes (N) or product tonnes

For any request on fertilizer uses only, please access the online database "IFADATA" from the IFA website.

Access to PITDATA can be made from the IFA website or directly through fertilizer-statistics.org.